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Smile Eye Surgery in Gurgaon

Smile Eye Surgery

October 25, 2021

At our Hospital, we offer state of the art instrumentation blended with the expertise of highly skilled doctors that ensures utmost care for your eyes. We are one among the select few centers in India, first in Gurgaon, offering the most advanced laser vision correction procedure technology, SMILE®


The SMILE® technique is performed using the highly precise advanced VisuMax femtosecond laser from Carl Zeiss AG, Germany. This laser system has impressed both the patients and the physicians alike with its sophisticated technology and its precision and reliability. SMILE® using VisuMax promises accuracy down to the nearest micrometer precision.

Unlike all other lasik procedures no flap is created in SMILE, femtosecond laser fashions a thin lenticule in mid stromal area which can be taken out then by a small access key hole in cornea, causing minimum disruptions to the biomechanics of cornea, thus preserving the strength of cornea.

Smile Eye Surgery in Gurgaon

SMILE Advantages:

  • The cornea surface is left untouched, preserving its biomechanical strength and stability better than other techniques. 
  • Inflammation is reduced to negligible as the total laser energy used is up to 10 times lesser than an excimer laser. 
  • Likeliness of dry eyes is significantly lowered, since no flap is created. 
  • There is no use of surgical cutting instruments and involves no change of equipment during the treatment. 
  • Since this procedure is minimally invasive, it involves minimum intervention and therefore less after care is required, enabling you to enjoy your new visual sensation right from the next day, enabling you to get back to your work earliest of all procedures.


How is SMILE different from other refractive procedures?

Unlike in all other laser eye surgery procedures, the corneal tissue is not ablated using an excimer laser. ReLEx SMILE is totally laser operated procedure that uses proven Femto second laser technique and is absolutely flapless and bladeless. Quick procedure and early recovery are among the other key advantages that SMILE has over other conventional refractive procedures.

Smile Eye Surgery in Gurgaon

Can I get rid of my spectacles/contact lenses permanently after undergoing SMILE?

Yes. SMILE is a permanent treatment. The cornea is reshaped to its ideal shape using femto second laser technology, this corrects the vision forever and the patient need not wear any aid for distant vision in future.

How many patients worldwide have undergone SMILE?

SMILE is a smart solution offered at centers of excellence for vision across the globe. To date, more than 40 lakh eyes have been successfully treated with SMILE. The technique is based on the proven femtosecond technology that has been in use for several years and is considered to be safe.

Is SMILE safe for people wearing contact lenses?

SMILE is an exemplary technique for correcting your vision. It is completely effective and safe for people wearing contact lenses. Although your surgeon might ask you to discontinue wearing contact lenses for a couple of days before surgery.

Is SMILE painful or does it cause any redness or hypersensitivity in eyes?

SMILE is minimally invasive and virtually painless method that does not involve use of needles or surgical blades. The entire procedure is laser operated and gets over in few minutes. There are no cases of hypersensitivity or redness reported with SMILE.

How long does SMILE procedure take?

Short duration for surgery and early recovery are amongst the many benefits that come with the advanced procedure called SMILE. The entire procedure gets over in less than 15 minutes for both the eyes.

What are the chances of dry eyes?

According to studies SMILE is less invasive and preserves most of the nerves while LASIK having a big flap (18mm) makes significance changes to corneal nerve. Hence chances of dry eyes in case of SMILE are far too less than in LASIK.

Dr. Sanjeev Bisla - Eye Specialist in Gurgaon

Dr. Sanjeev Bisla

MBBS, MS (Eye) Phaco & Glaucoma fellow from Aravind Eye Hospital Madurai


Nice service by the receptionist team. Got checked by good medical professionals and behaviour was very good. Overall it was nice experience.

-Mohit Yadav -

It's a nice hospital for cataract and lasik surgery. Three members in my family have done cataract surgery in this hospital and we are happy with the service.

-Aashish Jangra-