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PRK Eye Surgery in Gurgaon

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

October 25, 2021

This procedure is usually done in cases where corneal thickness is less than desirable! What makes PRK different from LASIK is in how the cornea is prepared for lasers. During PRK eye surgery, a thin superficial layer of corneal tissue (epithelium) is gently removed with alcohol or laser. This exposes the cornea to be reshaped by the laser. The laser application to reshape the cornea is just the same as with LASIK and once completed, a contact lens is placed over the eye. This contact lens acts as a bandage, protecting the eye for the few days during epithelial regeneration. Since the complete superficial surface is taken off during the procedure, healing takes little longer.

Is PRK laser Painful?

As with LASIK, due to the use of anaesthetic/ numbing drops used, you won’t feel much pain, other than light pressure, during the procedure itself. Patients report feeling some mild discomfort and irritation following their PRK operation. This irritation can be alleviated by the use of lubricating drops and mild pain relievers are prescribed by your surgeon. The discomfort is most noticeable in the few days immediately following the procedure and abates over time.

Do we get the same quality of vision in PRK as we get in lasik/SMILE?

Studies over a period of years have proved that ultimate visual outcome is almost same after 3 months of surgery in all!

So Which Procedure Is Best For Me Doctor

Your glasses power and your cornea maps will decide which procedure is best suited for your eyes.

All the above mentioned procedure have been available for many years now with their own usefulness and benefits, your doctor will decide seeing all your investigations which is best suited for your eyes, because your eyes are unique like you and they deserve the best!

Dr. Sanjeev Bisla - Eye Specialist in Gurgaon

Dr. Sanjeev Bisla

MBBS, MS (Eye) Phaco & Glaucoma fellow from Aravind Eye Hospital Madurai


Nice service by the receptionist team. Got checked by good medical professionals and behaviour was very good. Overall it was nice experience.

-Mohit Yadav -

It's a nice hospital for cataract and lasik surgery. Three members in my family have done cataract surgery in this hospital and we are happy with the service.

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