Can I Go For A Second LASIK Eye Surgery?

Can I Go For A Second LASIK Eye Surgery?

March 4, 2022

Lasik stands for “Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis". It is one of the most effective and precise inventions in "Ophthalmology". This process is well known and widely used. It is mainly used as an alternative for Glasses and Contact lenses.

A special type of cutting laser is used to reshape the cornea. Once the corneal reshaping is done, it focuses the light sharply on the cornea. It helps produce a clear image in our brain and allows us to see things clearly.

Results Expected From First Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK is used to correct refractive vision (Near-sightedness, Farsightedness, and astigmatism). The technique has been around for more than 25 years and has helped more than 30 million people worldwide. An experienced eye surgeon performs the surgery. It has over 90% patient satisfaction rates. Most people do not require a second LASIK.

The use of a Computer-guided laser to reshape the cornea to a patient’s exact prescription helps in achieving such a high success rate.

What Are The Factors Considered For Second Lasik/Enhancement Lasik?

Most of the patients attain the desired result on the first LASIK. Only a small fraction of patients go for “second LASIK". The second LASIK is also called Enhancement LASIK. Almost 2-5% of patients go for a second LASIK. There various reasons for the second LASIK are:

  • It is also under correction if the surgeon didn’t remove enough tissue during the first LASIK.
  • If the vision changes during the time due to age factor
  • If the result of the first LASIK is not satisfactory
  • It can improve vision after other refractive surgeries such as IOL implantation, Refractive Lens Exchange, etc.

The three essential points to be taken into consideration for second LASIK are:

Timing:  Patience is the key to success, and the same goes for LASIK. The second LASIK is only done after stabilising the first vision correction. Some fluctuation and symptoms are common for some weeks after the first surgery and may improve after some weeks. So a doctor may ask you to wait for 3-4 months to achieve a stable vision till then.

Repeat Pre Lasik Evaluation: A detailed revaluation is performed to ensure a successful second LASIK and avoid complications. Your surgeon will check for enough corneal thickness below the flap. It is done so that a successful second LASIK can be carried out. It is also taken into consideration to avoid undesirable long-term side effects.

Type of Procedure for Second Lasik:  While deciding the process, two points are kept in mind.

  • Residual bed thickness below the first flap
  • Type of the first LASIK performed

The post-operative measure is almost the same as that are of a primary laser. After surgery, the doctor will call you back for a follow-up and prescribe some eye drops. Regular check-ups with your doctor are mandatory. Be sure to follow the instructions as suggested by your doctor to avoid infection and have excellent enhancement outcomes.

Am I Perfect Candidate For Second Lasik/Enhancement?

The second LASIK also involves the removal of corneal tissue to reshape your cornea to sharpen the vision. The doctor will perform all the required tests before the first LASIK. He will examine your eye and take the measurements. The doctor will re-evaluate your cornea to check for sufficient corneal thickness for a second surgery.

Is There Any Difference In First Lasik And Second Lasik?

The corneal flap is created during the first LASIK. However, during the second LASIK, a corneal flap is not created again. The doctor will use the first corneal flap only to perform the enhancement. The doctor will use the specially designed forceps to lift the corneal flap created during the first surgery. Then the surgeon adjusts the shape of the cornea using the laser-controlled by a powerful computer. As minimal reshaping is required, the process takes less time and is painless with faster healing. Sometimes when the cornea is not favourable for flap relift, you may be offered PRK where instead of raising the flap, where the top layer of cornea ie epithelium is removed and excimer laser fired appropriately to reshape the cornea.

The outcome of the first LASIK is usually excellent, with almost 98% having improved vision and very few people going for the second LASIK. However, you can enhance it as it is safe and has an excellent success rate. A specialised Ophthalmologist can perform it. Consult your doctor or eye surgeon before going for a second LASIK.

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