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Dr. Sanjeev Bisla

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Providing Great Patient Service's at Dayal Eye
Care Center with Patient Satisfaction.

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in Gurgaon

Providing Great Patient Service's at Dayal
Eye Care Center with Patient Satisfaction.

Lasik Eye Surgery in Gurgaon

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How to Get in Touch

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Best Eye Hospital in Gurgaon
Dayal Eye Centre

Best Eye Hospital in Gurgaon

At Dayal Eye Centre, we realize that accurate diagnosis and good surgical experience is very critical for superior clinical outcomes. We have brought together key services to provide you with integrated treatment facilities under one roof. With a team of highly experienced surgeons and efficient staff, we provide services strictly adhering to quality standards.

Dr. Sanjeev Bisla - Eye Specialist in Gurgaon

Eye Specialist in Gurgaon

Dr. Sanjeev Bisla

MBBS, MS (Eye) Phaco & Glaucoma fellow from Aravind Eye Hospital Madurai

Dr. Sanjeev Bisla Medical Director and Chief Ophthalmologist, has a vast experience of 20 year & more than 80000 cataract surgeries in the field of eye. He has been trained in world renowned institutes. He specialises in Cataract (phaco / MICS) & refractive surgeries (CONTOURA LASIK / SMILE & FEMTO LASIK, PRK PHAKIK IOL (ICL & IPCL).

Till now he has done more than one lakh cataract surgeries and lasik / refractive procedure. He is passionate about giving the best quality vision to all his patients.

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Why Choose Us

Lasik Eye Surgery in Gurgaon

Fast Treatment

Get The Best & Fast Treatment For All Eye Related Problems At Dayal Eye Center.

Lasik Surgery in Gurgaon

Modern Operation Theater

The operation theater is furnished with all modern needs of today’s operation and surgical procedures in a sterile and hygiene – safe environment

Best Eye Hospital in Gurgaon

24 Hour Emergency Service

Call us 24 hours a day for emergency eye care. ... Try to bring your lenses and any cases and lens care products with you when you are seen.

Lasik Surgery in Gurgaon

Affordable Cost

Dayal Eye Center is Best Eye CLINIC 1n Gurgaon - ensuring the best vision care with advanced delivering quality eye care at affordable cost.

Cataract Surgery in Gurgaon

High Quality Treatment

We know that patients need to have reliable and understandable information about the level of care we provides in order to make the best decisions.

Eye Specialist in Gurgaon

Expert Doctors

When you need answers, Best Doctors can help, Get an Expert Medical Opinion from one of our world-renowned Eye specialists so you can have the answer and Confidence.

Patient Testimonials

Nice service by the receptionist team. Got checked by good medical professionals and behaviour was very good. Overall it was nice experience.

Mohit Yadav

It's a nice hospital for cataract and lasik surgery. Three members in my family have done cataract surgery in this hospital and we are happy with the service.

Aashish Jangra

Patients Information

Professional Staff

The staff of Dayal Eye Care Center are very very great & they treated you like a member of their family.

Affordable Prices

We give our patients results they want at an affordable price.

Great Services

Providing great patient service's at Dayal Eye Care Center with patient satisfaction.

Free Consultation

We are delighted to offer you a free video or clinic consultation with our qualified team.

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